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Tourism Trade Fair Training

Swisscontact WISATA Tanjung Puting was providing a Tourism Trade Fair Training which held on 23rd May 2017 in Grand Kecubung Hotel, from 9 AM till 6 PM. This training addressing for Tanjung Puting tourism stakeholder to build their capasity on preparing and attending on Tourism Trade Fair. Sixteen people were join on this training, including Tourism Departement of Lamandau Regency, Tourism Departement of Kotawaringin Barat Regency, travel agencies and hotels. Interesting training deliver by Girda Safitri, Marketing Manager of Flores Destination management Organisation and Yvone Patty, Component manager Destination Marketing of Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation.

As we know, Swisscontact is the business-oriented independent foundation for international development cooperation. Represented in 34 countries with over 1200 employees, it promotes – since 1959 – economic, social and environmental development. We promote economic, social and ecological development.  They achieve their mission by creating opportunities for people seeking to improve their living conditions and livelihoods through their own initiatives and integrating them into the local economic life. In Central Kalimantan Region, Swisscontact help the government-MoU with The Ministry of Tourism on managing and organising destination, especially Tanjung Puting with Orangutan Tour as highlight and Community Based Tourism (CBT) Dayak Village in Lamandau Regency.

This training is part of Swisscontact project’s objective to strengthen the competitiveness of selected tourism destinations, through promoting the destinations, managing marketing promotional tools, improving local stakeholders’ skills to be the destination ambassador, as well as to define product development and market linkage.

This training specifically designed for local governments and businesses to improve their capacity and skills to:

  • Identify what and which trade fair to participate
  • Identify what market to target
  • Identify strategy to attract potential buyer / visitor
  • Identify steps and timeline to prepare trade fair participation
  • Identify activities performed during trade fair

Training run strickly with quick lunch break and second coffee session. Surprisingly, all trainee were happy and keep on enthusiasm till the end. Girda said, take a year to prepare a succesfully fair trade. It must be plan since applying, preparing tools and material, cost forecasting, accomodation, finding buyer and doing apointment and all single things. We have to pay attention on the kind of trade fair, such travel mart or exhibition. It is important to us  to prepare and what kind of material will setting on. There are 3 different fair trade, B2B Business to Business, B2C Business to Costumer and B2M Business to Mix between Business and Costumers.

So, after lunch session by Yvone Patty looks like a nightmare. She delivering steps to attend on the International Trade Fair. She providing slides step by step from the first month preparation to go to the next years trade fair. Finally, attending to fair trade is not easy, but it will bring many benefit for our growing business. Later on, business on tourism is borderless and development of technology recently put into high competitive athmospere. Suddenly, I remmember a damn quote “ Marketing is like a sex, only loser pay for it”.  So…?

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