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Turtle Sanctuary

Semi wild turtle hatching project conducted on Tanjung Keluang, people called a bat beach. If you see the googlemap, actually Tanjung Keluang is an peninsular. This is an favorite breeding site for Green turtle and Hawksbill seaturtle. They laid their eggs in the beach, coming back till 3 times for an breeding season and will back again every year. If we joint with the ranger while their night patrol, may we can see turtle nesting. Yup, the ranger working for turtle conservation, taking the eggs and move into save area we called semiwild hatching. After the eggs hatched, they will release the baby of turtle onto the sea. We can also give some donation by releasing baby turtle.

Turtle release in Tanjung Keluang

Turtle release in Tanjung Keluang

Enjoying beautiful sea-view, swimming in the beach, playing sand or getting lazy on the hunging hammock while sunset is the best moment to taste a slice of paradise in the world. Spend night camping and having grilled fish will complete your experience in Indonesian Borneo.

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