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7 Facts about Orangutan

Prepared by Arif Nugroho

1- Where Orangutan can be found?

Orangutan live in Sumatera and Borneo. Between thoose islands have similarity of biodoversity, make sense if long time ago theese islands was attached each others. The population of orangutan is decreasing by deforestation. Orangutan whom live in Borneo and Sumatera are different species.  Pongo pymaeus in Borneo and Pongo abelii in Sumatera. Latest research found new species in Sumatera Pongo tapanuliensis

2- What the meaning of Orangutan?

People called this primate not only Orangutan, but also Kahiu, Mawas and others, it depent on the people and tribe. In Malay orang means “person” and utan is nick name from hutan, which means “forest.” Thus, orangutan literally means “person of the forest.”

3-  How tall Orangutan able to reach?

Average tall of male Bornean Orangutan is between 1,2-1,5 meters. Female a bit shorter. But, Orangutan has a very long arms. When they stretch out, arm are longer than their bodies – up to 2,5 meters. This arms are longer then feet. It really help for living arboreal.

4-  What the Orangutan eat? Do they eat meat?

Orangutan dietary is mostly vegetarian, they eat all parts of tree. They usually choose some tree and its parts to eat, such as fruit, flower, leaf, bark, root or young meristematic issues of plant. They also eat ants and termite. Sometime they also harvesting honey bee. Orangutan doesn’t well-known as predator who eat meat, but some reference said that Orangutan eat birds egg and hunting for a small primate like Slow Loris. But,  this is very rare.

5-  How long Orangutan able to live?

In the wild, Orangutan live round 45 years old. In captivity they live longer, able to reach round 50 years old. The oldest Orangutan in the world (in captivity) is called Guas, was died by 58 years old. In Camp Leakey, Tanjung Puting National Park, the oldest Orangutan called Ahmad, round 54 years old. Latest news Puan- An Sumateran Orangutan was died on 62 years old in a zoo Perth Australia 18/06/18  Please check for detail info

6-  Do they fall down from the tree when they moving?

Orangutans are dextrous, they have strong muscle. The body designed for living arboreal,  spending most the time in the trees.  So that why Orangutan have longer hands than feet.  They also use their mouth to grab something.  Orangutans have tremendous strength, which enables them to brachiate and hang upside-down from branches for long periods of time. In the wild,  Orangutan falling down of the tree is very rare.  It maybe happen when two big male fighting and they break the branches.  Some baby Orangutan fallen from around 10 meter high, but it was fine.

7-  How old the Orangutan turned mature?

Every species and sub-species turned mature differently. Food security is one of the main reason  AsBornean Orangutan in Tanjung Puting National Park female Orangutan will turn mature when they are 12 years old  Although in the wild, females usually give birth to their first offspring when they are 15-16 years of age, in captivity females as young as eight years old have given birth. Male Orangutan will turned mature when they are 19 years old


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