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3d2n Orangutan Tour

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orangutan tour

Duration 3d2n
Location Tanjung Puting – Indonesian Borneo
Grade Easy-Moderate
Member minimum 2 persons/solo can be fit
Peak Season June-Sept
Flight Daily Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya
Flight on schedule Balikpapan, Pontianak, Ketapang
Price/person from $387 / person
Deposit 1,500,000.00 IDR

The Orangutan species that lives in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan is Pongo pymaeus which in endemic to this island. The habitat continues to vanish at an extremely high rate. Taking  all of this into account, orangutan rehabilitation center  have been  established as to ensure the survival of this animal.

We will visit 3 Orangutan feeding station in Tanjung Harapan, Pondok Tanggui  and Camp Leakey. Planting tree in Pesalat reforestation, doing some trekking in the jungle, and observing wildlife around the river  bank using boat. Proboscis monkey, Long tailed macaque and some birds are  the list of animal you may see along the ride. Touching a black water  river on Sungai Sekonyer Kanan and sleep overnight on houseboat called Kelotok.

Kelotok is a boat which will be used along the trip, looks like your moving house with limited facilities. We have a captain and a deckhand to operate and a cook to provide meals. Available galley (kitchen)  in the deck floor and toilet in the back. You will stay in the top  floor. There some table and chairs, also front platform to observe the  wildlife. Meals provided 3 times, and bedding will be set up after dinner, complete with mosquito net.


DAY 1 : Pangkalan Bun – Kumai – Tanjung Harapan Camp

Upon arrival in Pangkalan Bun you’ll be met and transferred to Kumai for boarding to the Kelotok. Leaving Kumai River, you’ll have an opportunity to see riverfront life. Borneo has so many rivers so boat is the main transportation here. May you also see a thousand high building like hotel with tiny holes, such as an semi-wild swift poultry to harvest its nest. Then, cruising to Sekonyer River, the estuarine habitat with unique vegetation called mangrove, before your first stop to Tanjung Harapan Camp to watch Orangutan feeding at 15.00 o’clock. Watch along the river bands for wildlife such as Proboscis Monkey-the endemic monkey in Borneo, Long-tailed Macaque, Red-leaf Monkey, Silvered Langur or birdlife along the riverside. After watching Orangutan, then continue on cruising up for overnight in the Kelotok. You’ll have time to relax, enjoying fresh air or do some primate spotting in the roosting tree while the boat find out a good place to tie up. Meals Provided L D

DAY 2 : Pondok Tanggui – Camp Leakey – Pondok Ambung

After a sunrise breakfast, cruising up the river to Pondok Tanggui, Orangutan feeding time at 09.00 am, then continue on to Camp Leakey, the legendary Orangutan Rehabilitation Camp, where Prof. Birute MF. Galdikas starting her study in early 1971. Boating a side creek through tea colored water where you will see the magnificent reflection from the vegetation along the river, when lucky with you, the fresh water crocodile and other wildlife attraction could find a long river bands. After having lunch and departing in Camp Leakey, we can spend the rest of the day by hiking through the Borneo rainforest, exploring peat swamp forest, lowland dipterocarp habitat, searching wildlife or enjoying varieties of fungi, orchid, slipper orchid, mosses and ferns, then enjoying Orangutan feeding time at 14.00 pm. Stay overnight on the boat. Meals Provided B L D

* We have choices to staying overnight in the black water river then having a night trekking in Pondok Ambung Research Station for nocturnal wildlife, or continue boating back down to the main river then finding out fireflies. So you may not have the night trekking and you will leave the park on the Third day after the breakfast time from the Nipah Palm habitat.

DAY 3 : Pesalat Reforestation –Kumai – Pangkalan Bun

After breakfast, continue by Kelotok down river to Pesalat Reforestation for planting tree. You’ll have a short trekking on the wooden jetty, then visiting a forest tree seedling. The aims for enriching food-tree of orangutan and also rehabilitate land after fire and logging. If you have no time to planting, we will plant for you with your name on the tag.

Enjoying your coffee in the boat while exploring the river in the morning, may you meet Orangutan foraging in the tree around river bank. It will offer you incredible experience. Long-snout Crocodile also often busking on the sun in the river bank when the weather really good. Departing Kumai, you’ll be transfered to Pangkalan Bun, possible to visit our Orangutan souvenir and handicraft gallery before your next destination.

Note: this itinerary may not fit during peak season (July-Aug-Sept), since all the tour will be finished at 09.00. Please inform us about your flights schedule. As optional concerning your schedule, we may provide a free city tour for approx 3 hours.

According budget of around USD $366 per person…
Price based on 2 person, travel together on the same Kelotok, Stay overnight in the boat. If you are solo travel, please email us for checking the slot availability.

The price of the trip included:

  • Return transfer from Pangkalan Bun (transfer in and out at the Airport)
  • Clean and Proper Kelotok: A wooden houseboat with its accommodation (bed arrangement, mosquito net, toilet. Not including personal stuff)
  • Good English speaking guide
  • Good Cook for serving meals on boat
  • Meals and drinks (main meals, snack, mineral water, tea/coffee)
  • Admission fee
  • Park entrance permit (tourist and boat entrance)
  • Ranger donation
  • Tax 41128/420

Not included:

  • Personal expense
  • Hotel/homestay/lodge (extra stay)
  • Alcoholic drink
  • Insurance
  • Tipping
  • Permit SIMAKSI for filming/video maker and/or flying drone

Bed Arrangement on the boat
Boat maximum capacity for 6-10 people sleeping on the boat. After dinner, crew will set up the mattress, clean pillow, and mosquito net. Each people will have a mattress (double or single). All side of the boat will be covered, and only left one or two as a ventilate window to keep the fresh air.

Stay in the Homestay, additional price $60/night
There are homestay in the village around the National Park, managed by local people. Simple room with fan.

Stay in Rimba EcoLodge, additional price starting $85/night
Surrounded by forest and accessed only by boat, the lodge is a great spot for enjoying the natural wonder of Indonesian Borneo, from the troop of Macaques that call the site home, to the Proboscis monkeys across the water and the Orangutan that can be observed at the Tanjung Harapan feeding station, just a few minutes boat ride away.The Lodge provides a base from which you can explore the surrounding rainforest and Tanjung Puting National Park. Take a walk from your room along the bird walk, hear the plaintive cry of Gibbons, early birdsong and the resident Macaque monkey troop from your comfortable room, set right on the edge of the gently flowing Sekonyer river. There are 3 different room’s type which has AC and hot water shower: Amethyst, Emerald and Diamond.

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