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Fery Candra

Fery Candra - Comisioner and Advisor Board

Advisor Board

One of the very recommended tour guide by Lonely Planet, Fery have a great job as a guide for teen years. He has an excellent English and well-knowledge about wildlife and forest. He is a native Bornean as well. Fery is brilliant. He got a scholarship for his bachelor degree. He love working with people and has an excellent relationship. He joined on the young movement organization. After taking on his master degree and participating for representative election, he haven’t enough time to go to the park anymore. So that why he decided to build a team. Now, he is our advisory board and travel consultant for us.

Arif Borneoprimate

He is a biologist, even he prefer mentioned as a nature lover. He is an avid birdwatcher. He have worked on bird conservation NGO. He got an internship on Climate Change and City Resilience Project. His experience as a research assistant of Macaque Project bring him to be a staff on the research station in the park. After taking an ecotour guide and getting his ecotour guide certification, now he focus to build Orangutan Applause Tour with his family and colleague. He love to say “my job is my holiday”.


Dessy, cheerful officer

Dessy, cheerful officer

Graduated her bachelor as a Tourism Management gave her a high qualification to manage a tour. She is very humble and friendly. She love to meet with people, so it looks like know everybody. Even she is an certified guide, now she much working as officer behind the table. She love to help to arrange flight and accommodation, suggest an its effective and efficient, also provide some information about tourism object around Indonesia. Sometime she ask for coffee break, but actually she go to the airport or kelotok to meet with our guest for greeting.


Bayu, General Supporting Team

Bayu, General Supporting Team

We called our little brother Bay, but its pronounced like “bye”. Bye for all stupid things and comfort zone. He is an perfectionist person and high integrity on his responsibilities. We trust him to manage our Orangutan Souvenir Shop “Borneo Alase“. If we have Indonesian visitor, he is happy to be guide. He is learning English, so sometime looks funny when he communicate with our guest using Google translate, but it works. He love to wear black neckless T-shirt.



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