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Let’s being an responsible traveler: Rules Observing Orangutan

How to reach  Tanjung Puting National Park?

Pangkalan Bun is the keyword to get here, specifically Iskandar Airport Pangkalan Bun (PKN).  Available direct daily flights from Jakarta (CGK), Semarang (SRG), Surabaya (SUB) and temporary flights from Banjarmasin (BDJ), Ketapang (KTG) and Pontianak (PNK). Some companies now provide an connecting flight, Such us, Garuda providing Bali (DPS) to Semarang (SRG) then connecting Semarang (SRG) to Pangkalan Bun (PKN).  You also can go with different company, ex Bali (DPS) to Surabaya (SUB) with many companies then connecting Surabaya (SUB) to Pangkalan Bun (PKN). There is some boat (Java-Kalimantan) and bus for inbound transportation in Kalimantan. Please feel free to ask me to arrange your flights. We do not charge for this additional service. We are happy to help. For easy reservation, you can visit traveloka or nusatrip.

Do you have private tours?

All tours we provided are private and customised for guests.  But, so many traveler love to meet others for experiences. Some of or guest they book a private tour with date schedule, but they open for sharing tour to meet another travelers.

Do you fit for solo traveler?

We are happy to meet solo traveler and of course safe for male or female single traveler. Since our tours are private with minimum 2 persons, solo traveler will need a bit higher budget. Please notice if you open for sharing tour to meet another traveler. It will offer you different experience and safe your budget.

Can you arrange trip extensions to other parts of Indonesia?

Now we still focusing to provide ecotours in Indonesian Borneo, especially for  wildlife, culture and leisure. But we are happy to help you to arrange your trip around Indonesia and make sure that you are on the right hand.

Do we need an insurance?

Yes you do, please. All our tours are not covered by insurance, so it will be great if you have your own insurance.  If your insurance covering for medical and travel cases, it will be highly recommended.


Please visit please our youtube channel: general information of orangutan tour.

We need some general information about the tours?

Traveling to Tanjung Puting National Park is classified an easy trip with medium risk. Just lay down on the deck of houseboat “kelotok”, while enjoying a cup of coffee, you can explore the wildlife. Tanjung Puting is mostly lowland forest, peat swamp is more dominant then the dry land. Walking or trekking to the jungle is provided on the easy way with a flat trails without hill or mountain. Canoeing may provided -depend on the itinerary and length of stay- with a safe stable longboat.

Is it possible traveling with children?

Yes of course. We have experience to do trip with 13 months baby. If you traveling with children under 10 years old, we just need to discuss the itinerary.

Will someone meet us in the airport?

If your tour will start on your arrival, somebody will meet you in the airport with your  sign name, then transfer you to the harbour in Kumai. But, if your tour start the day after your arrival, we will meet you in the hotel on the day when your tour start.


When do tours start and finish?

Tour is yours, you make your own schedule. We are so flexible. Our tour service usually start and finish at lunch time. But during the peak season (July-August- September) all tour start approx  12.00 and will be ended at 09.00. Please inform us about your flights schedule. It will be much better to have flight outbound in the morning. According to your flight schedule in the afternoon, we may provide a free city tour to see the old settlement in the stilt houses, for approx 3 hours.  Most guests love to be met at the airport in Pangkalan Bun (PKN) on their arrival and transfer to their kelotok/houseboat  to start the tour directly. Most guests also finish their tour at the airport on their last day. If you prefer to stay longer in the hotel to see more about Pangkalan Bun/Borneo, we will meet you in the hotel and transfer you to the hotel.


klik here to see general information of orangutan kelotok/houseboat tour

What is Kelotok?

Kelotok is a vehicle which will be used along the trip, looks like your moving hotel with its facilities. We prefer use a medium to big size, capacity for 4 to 10 passenger. On this size, boat is stable enough, less moving-shaky , and enough space to enjoy into the river.  The boat width vary 2,70 meter to 4 meter and length round 16 to 19 meter. The crew are a captain and a deckhand to operate and a cook to services you meals. Available galley (kitchen)  in the down floor and toilet in the back. You can get the life jacket under the roof, and first aid kit (also some tools) will available in the cupboard in deck floor. There are cold box to keep foods fresh and to serve cold bottle water. All crew and guide will stay in the down floor, and you will stay in the top  floor. There some table and chairs, also front platform to observe the  wildlife. Otherwise, sitting in the boat slowly moving is an lazy trekking along the river. We can see some birds, group of Proboscis monkey, Long tailed macaque, wild orangutan and other wildlife.

Do you have clean water in the kelotok?

We have clean water for cooking, and some additional clean water tank is varied between 200 litter till 1000 litter. Water for washstand and shower is clean water.  So, you can have a basic shower with clean water.  There is a big bucket on the toilet with brown water taken from the river use for flash the toilet.

How do we sleep on the kelotok?

After dinner, crew will prepare for bedding. Clearing the top deck, set up mattresses and clean bedding set, and install the mosquito nets. You will have pillow and blanket. Awning around the boat will cover a half to keep the air fresh and to cover from the rain. Top deck is your, kind of small privacy since all crew and guide will stay in the down deck.

How do we get electricity on the boat?

Basic electricity will provided on the boat, especially for night light and charging your stuff.  Very rare boat have solar panel. Common boat will have a generator for electricity, strong enough even for hair dryer but a bit noisy so only use in urgent. Some boat have dynamo, so when the boat moving it will charge into the accumulator. It means you will have an DC current light and AC current for charging your stuff will provided through inverter.  Indonesia uses the two-prong European type plug. Please tell to the crew if you have very sensitive equipment cause not all boat have stavol/stabilizer voltage.

Is there an internet connection during the trip?

Phone signal is very lack in the forest, but you will still have it in the first hour the boat start.  If you really need an connection, we can go to some spot or go to ranger camp to borrow their antenna. Captain and guide usually know some spot to have 2G or GPRS  for texting, not clear calling, whatsapp texting, and email. Just need to be patient to do.

Are our luggage safe on the boat?

Yes of course. All crew and guide take responsibility to keep you and your luggage safe. Before leaving the boat, please make sure everything is packaged, put all stuff on your bags, and keep them on zipper off.  Please pay attention on your small important stuff and put them right.  Listing of your stuff may be needed.

Is there a laundry service available?

There is no laundry service included in the boat, but we are happy to help.  Please give us your laundry before start the tour, we will put in the laundry service, so you can have it back in the end of your tour. Laundry service is charged per kilogram.


What kind of food you serve during the boat trip?

We provide tasty local Indonesian cuisine adapted slightly to suit western taste, being less spicy, but if you prefer to eat spicy food please let us know! Coffee, tea, sweet condense and bottled water are provided every time you want. Cold water and soft drink also provided. Breakfast menus commonly are toast, scramble, pancake, omelette, fruit and juice.  Lunch and dinner we serve white rice, vegetables, chicken, beef, egg, fish or seafood.  If you don’t mind to tell me your favorite menus, it will be really help us to prepare meals.

Can you afford special dietary?

We have work with vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten free, lactose free and any dietary request. Information about your food allergies is also important. Please tell me earlier so we can fit on menus.


Things to do in Tanjung Puting Indonesian Borneo

We need to know  the general climate in Borneo!

Borneo is the third biggest island in the world. Laid on equator, so we don’t have a big different time of sunrise and sunset every time. Borneo has West Indonesian Time since Indonesia has 3 different time. Humidity is quite high, more than 90% and normal temperature about 23,5 celsius degrees, even able to reach round 35 celsius degrees during dry season.  Borneo only has 2 season, wet season during November to April and dry season during May to October.

It is possible to visit Tanjung Puting during  wet rainy season?

Tanjung Puting is welcome every time. Wet season is very nice to visit since it is on low season, less boat and visitor, so you can enjoy the river and rainforest privately. Less orangutan come to the feeding station cause a lot of fruit in the forest. They are enjoying fruit season in the jungle, give us a high chance to see the wild orangutan foraging food in the river banks. Just need to be patient observing wildlife when you are exploring the river slowly. If you don’t mind to get wet, you will get a chance to see a special behavior of orangutan when they response the rain, such as they collecting branches and leaves then using like umbrella or they build nest quickly and cover all body with branches and leaves.

It is nice to visit during dry season?

Yes of course.  Orangutan more come to the feeding station during dry season for food supplement. Path are dry, no muddy so we can enjoying a night walking to see insect and tarantula. Debit of water in the river are less, so we will have bigger chance to see crocodile then during wet season. On the night, we can see a million stars with different constellation, and may you will get an experience of dinner beneath fireflies. But, please notice that July to August is a peak season, the river is quite busy and the schedule is quite tight. Tour start after 12.00 am and will be ended before 11.00 am. To keep our guest enjoy, we usually modify the itinerary, so don’t worry.


Is it important to prepare for malarial case?

Tanjung Puting is malarial, even it is not as worst as Papua. We suggest you to seek advice from a health professional  and please confirm about the pill’s effect into your body.  Some people got stomach ache, headache, spew-throw up, diarrhea even the nightmare. We can minimize the risk, but bring your malaria pills is a good preparation in case.  Please inform me if you take a pill so we can prepare the effect. Some vaccination may be required, please ask  travel health clinic for up to date advice.


Please check What items should bring for Orangutan Tour

What do you recommend to bring for our trip?

Recommended items to bring on tours: Good mosquito repellent, small backpack (Trekking), dry bag, sunglasses / hat, sunblock lotion, camera /extra sd card and batteries, trekking shoes/socks, light raincoat, simple towel, cotton clothing/out wear, long pants is highly recommended, flashlight / batteries, small personal Medical Kit.

Do we need to bring cash money?

Yes you do. Cash money IDR Indonesian Rupiah is much better then another form of money.  Go to Indonesian Bank is the best place to get real currency. In Pangkalan Bun, BNI only accept 100 USD with excellent condition, clean and no folding.  BRI now accept small number of USD.  We have a local money changer but the currency is about 10% lower than up to date.  Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is easy to found so you can withdraw your cash easily. They are accept visa and mastercard.  To make tour payment simply, we have paypal (charged 4,4%), payment gateway (charged 3,2%) and International Bank Transfer. We also have EDC –equipment data capture (charge 2,5%) so you can pay with your Credit Card visa and mastercard, even sometime doesn’t fit to some country.


It is possible to have alcoholic drink?

It is impossible to get on store here since the local government regulation. If you wish to have alcoholic drinks on board, you may bring your own. Wine, liquor and any alcoholic drink with more 15% alcohol is not available. We can help to get beer if request some when you book.  Beer is not included so need additional charge- 60,000 Rupiah per bottle- and sometime more expensive if it difficult to get from the black market.  Cold box make a chance to serve cold beer.


We need your recommendation about how much should I tip the boat crew and guide?

It is completely up to you. There is no amount expected.  Some guests do tip if they can afford to, and if they are particularly happy with the staff on their tour. Some of them very happy with the tour and crew, but they do not tipping because of that is not part of their custom. According our experience, the amount of tipping for crew (captain, deckhand and cook) has varied from 5 to 10 USD per day per person.  Tipping for guide from the generous traveler varied from 10 to 30 USD per day per person.

This page is building and keep update of the traveler experiences. If you would like to give some improvement, we are so welcome for that. Your suggestion is really priceless. Thank you.

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    • Kelly Thomas
    • September 15, 2019

    We are looking to visit in January 2020. We are looking to book your trip at the end of our travels. Can we bring our luggage with us on the boat or is there a safe place to store? Also if we wanted to bring a bottle of wine with us will you have ice to chill this?

    • Barbara Reeves
    • February 20, 2019

    We are interested in the 3 d/2n orangutan tour. We are 2 adults plus our 2 grandchildren aged 12 and 14. Is this suitable and what is the costs? In December 2019.

    • Dear Barbara,

      Thank you very much for contacting us, we are really happy to heard your plan visiting Orangutan in Tanjung Puting NP.
      Out tour classify as easy to moderate, so it will be great for your grandchildren. For more detail info, we will follow up by email.

      Best regards,

    • Rose-Marie Twu
    • July 26, 2017

    i arrive PKN march13 0955 and leave PKN march14 1055. might you have a half-day tour i can join to see orangutan and other animals? if yes pls give me the cost of tour, cost of airport pickup/delivery, and recommendation for closeby overnight place.
    really appreciate!

      • Arif
      • October 31, 2017

      Hi Rose,
      Still possible to have a day tour to see orangutan.
      please email us for detail
      best regards,

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