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Pasir Panjang is an urban Dayak village, I prefer to called modern Dayak village. We build our Eco tourism activities there, working with local people and facilitated them to make an local handicraft. My friend offer me his abandoned storage and we change it into a gallery and souvenir shop to displayed the community product. The brand is Borneo Alase orangutan souvenir and gallery. We also provide an tourism attraction to experiencing Dayak culture.

Upon arrival to Pasir Panjang you will meet and greet with the homestay’s owner and than making traditional snack, Lomang and Panganan. But first you will taste ‘welcome drink’ from Pasak Bumi roots as know as herbal drink and than trying to chew betel.

After making snack you will experience using blow pipe, such likea as a hunter in the jungle, and wearing traditional clothes, making Beruta bracelet and t watching traditional dance. Walking around the village, visit long house, dayak’s cemetery, and river. Having dinner with traditional food.

Next day, before go to the airport you will having 1 hour city tour. Visit monument Palagan Sambi, Yellow Palace, cruise the Arut river, go to the traditional market.

Another object to see Dayak Culture is Bakonsu Village and Kudangan old Village. Laid on the remote area in the highland, we have to spend 5 hours by car to reach there. Dont worry, that is worthed, cause we will see an original dayak tribe and of course, beautiful scenery. Welcoming dancing will provided after your arrival we called Garu Pantan. After checking into Long House- the traditional indigeneous house- the next attraction is Bagondang. This ceremony commonly held when somebody died or married. Bagondang is the name of music instrument, like a drum band, tabla or percussion. While somebody playing music, then everybody dancing on the floor- drinking a local beer we called tuak and arak. They have different alcohol consentration. Tuak is quite sweet and nice drink ever I have.

Next day, accompanied by local guide, we will trek to the highland forest to see waterfall. It takes 6-7 hours trek for round. We may see birdlife, wild fruit, abandoned village – dayak people has an shifting cultivation as an old mechanism agroforestry, and many more. We will back to Pangkalan Bun in the afternoon. If you need more experience about dayak leisure, feel free to ask me for detail.

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