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ITB Berlin Now Goes Virtually

A Flashback: Tanjung Puting Destination on ITB Berlin 2018

ITB Berlin is one of the largest Travel Trade Show in the world, which the Indonesian government and its ranks of Indonesian tourism businesses have participated in since 1967 until now.

Messe Berlin Buildin

ITB Berlin has had a significant positive impact on Indonesian exhibitors to meet and interact with buyers and players in the international tourism market. The transaction value that was successfully obtained by exhibitors at this activity reached an average of 6 billion Euros with a satisfaction level of 92%, this is clear evidence that ITB Berlin is a very strategic event for the promotion and marketing of Indonesian tourism in the international world and for Business events. to Business (B to B), especially the European region.

ITB Berlin is a vehicle that provides opportunities for tourism entrepreneurs (travel trade, hotelier, airlines) around the world to establish business relationships in the tourism sector effectively and efficiently. Apart from being attended by leading tourism industry circles, ITB Berlin is also attended by professionals and decision makers in the tourism sector, such as government officials and non-governmental organizations and associations.

For Tanjung Puting Destinations, participation in ITB Berlin 2018 is a kind of support to the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Tourism, in achieving the target of 20 million foreign tourist visits in 2019. In addition, the ITB Berlin event is a vehicle to promote tourism in Destinations Tanjung Puting which covers Kotawaringin Barat, Lamandau and Seruyan districts through information services and distribution of promotional materials for tourism activities for exhibition visitors who need information about tourism in Tanjung Puting Destinations.

Arif Delivering A Presentation to The Buyer


Through the participation of Tanjung Puting Destinations in ITB Berlin activities, it is hoped that it can provide important benefits and values, including:

1. Provide information to the world community about the potential and development of tourism in Indonesia in general and in Tanjung Puting Destinations in particular;

2. Increasing the promotion, marketing and publication of tourism destinations in Tanjung Puting at the international level, especially in the European region;

3. The increasing number of foreign tourist arrivals from the European region, as one of the strategic markets in Tanjung Puting Destination;

4. Attracting potential foreign tourists, especially those from Germany, to travel to Tanjung Puting Destinations;

5. Increase and establish cooperation in the tourism sector through business contacts and contracts between local sellers and international buyers, especially from Germany;

6. Introducing international buyers to tourism products in Tanjung Puting Destinations other than Orangutans, such as Living with Dayak in Lamandau, City Tour: old settlement stilt houses along Arut River, Alnursary Palace etc;

7. Establish good cooperative relationships with national and international buyers who have collaborated with local tour operators at Tanjung Puting Destinations.

Tanjung Puting Destination Promotional Materials

All costs for the Tanjung Puting DMO representative delegation, covering all visa requirements (fees, accommodation, transportation), and departure to Germany (transportation, accommodation) and all costs arising from these activities are fully supported by Swisscontact Wisata.

Swisscontact is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, and based on the MoU between Swisscontact and the Cabinet secretaries, they are appointed as Permanent Donors in Indonesia in implementing Regional Tourism Development Projects, one of which is in Tanjung Puting.

In participating in ITB Berlin 2018 activities, Tanjung Puting Destination as a co-exhibitor of Wonderful Indonesia, where all costs are related

To attend on that event is a very long journey. If you interested to attend on, make sure you have enough time and prepare everything very well. The preparation step are including: registering to the event, booking your flight and hotels, make sure you got a recommendation letter from the tourism ministry- it will help for applying visa, prepare your passport and visa, make sure your promotional tools including presentation slide are ready and then prepare your personal equipment including daily and exhibition dresses, medicine, travelling tools etc. And, another one that you need to prepare too is how to deliver your presentation. This year, due to Covid-19 Pandemic, ITB Berlin 2021 will come digitally, so if you like to see what is going on in the hospitality business update, please visit here.

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