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Orangutan Tour we provided is not only an holiday, but an special vacation to understanding human evolution. Orangutan, the only great ape in Asia shares 97 % of DNA with us. Orangutan means man of the forest. Orangutan Guided Eco Tour will guide you to find the facts how similar we are to them.

We will visit 3 Orangutan feeding station. NO TOUCHING. NO TALKING!!! ONLY BREATHING ALLOWED.

Starting from Pangkalan Bun to Kumai, then Cruising with”kelotok” into the river laid on the legendary old rainforest, we will have chance to see any exotic animals.  Proboscis Monkey –big nose and fatty bellied- which is an endemic primate in Borneo. There are also many kind of beautiful birdlife, especially Hornbill. Walking deeply into the  Borneo Forest, we will have any possibilities to see amazing creature of plants and blossoming flowers.
We offer wildlife experiences, especially to see PRIMATE.


Traveling to Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesian Borneo is classified an easy trip with medium risk. Just lay down on the deck of  “kelotok”, while enjoying a cup of coffee, you can explore the wildlife.  We work with locals to run ecotour and our souvenir shop Borneo Alase, to complete your experiencing of Wonderful Indonesia.
Staying on the KELOTOK for 3d2n is unforgettable memory.


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