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The Orangutan tours we provide are not only holidays, but a truly special window into human evolution. Orangutans, the only great ape in Asia, share 97 % of their DNA with human beings and fittingly, ‘orangutan’ means man of the forest. The Orangutan Guided Tours highlight all of our shared similarities with these special great apes.

We will visit 3 Orangutan feeding station. We deeply respect the Orangutans so there is no initiate contact with.  However, sheer awe and amazement are encouraged!

We start from Pangkalan Bun and then head to Kumai, where we board a "kelotok" a traditional house boat.  We then cruise into the river that runs through an ancient rainforest, the home of numerous indigenous animal species. The Proboscis Monkey, aptly named because of its enormous nose, and the amazing bird, the Hornbill, are just two examples of endemic species. Once we are off the boat, we’ll walk into the forest, where flora and fauna sightings only increase accordingly. 

We provide truly unique wildlife experiences, and most importantly, the opportunity to see Asia’s Great Apes.

Traveling within Tanjung Puting National Park, is a wonderful trip. Just lay down on the deck of the kelotok, enjoy a cup of coffee and observe the natural wildlife. We are honored to be a part of your time in Wonderful Indonesia.

Staying on the Kelotok is an unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime.


1 Trip 1 Tree

As a part of our responsibility to the future, we set aside our profits to plant a tree for each trip. If you’d like to donate more trees, it is certainly welcomed.

Travel Advisory and Management

We can absolutely provide recommendations and information for flights, accommodations, or other tourism around Indonesia. We can help you plan your holiday and organize the most efficient flight itinerary. And don’t worry, it’s free.

Reasonable Budgets

We know that Eco tourism can help our forests, orangutans and the surrounding communities. We are also committed to providing the best services within a reasonable budget. Feel free to book now!

Custom Packages

This tour is yours. We can work with you to design a custom vacation itinerary that fits your aims and budget. You are free to decide whether to stay for a longer or shorter period, as the itineraries listed are only included as guidance and can be customized.

Comfortable and Clean

We provide a comfortable kelotok with clean facilities.  Dining is provided and can accommodate vegan, vegetarian, kosher or other dietary restrictions.

Experienced Operator

We are a team of passionate individuals that strive to deliver memorable experiences. Please feel free to view our references and reviews from previous customers.


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