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Borneo Alase is our brand for Orangutan Souvenir, the stone to step our small business. We choose nature and conservation issues to apply on our product. We just thinking about involving local people by providing handicraft as souvenir and spreading knowledge about biodiversity caring for people around.

Borneo Primate Tour working to provide orangutan tour guide and management focused in Borneo. We start with experiences as a guide and working as research assistant-then a staff of research station in the park. Borneo Primate Tour is our way to support conservation efforts of threatened Orangutan and its globally important habitat, the tropical forests in Borneo.

Our mission is providing green jobs opportunities for local people through ecotourism activities to support sustainable utilization non-timber forest. It is important to faring the local people welfare so they wouldn’t depend on the forest and take its direct advantages. We called strengthening border the national park. We are working with a dream: living harmony between people and biodiversity.

We realize that is not easy to reach our goals but we have to step the stone for the better progress. Beginning from the zero experience and inspiring by Fery Candra- a senior guide who give me opportunity to learn by handling his guests.  Ferari is my best local people partner-a fresh graduate of Eco Tourism majoring- strengthen me to do a real work. We spend many time for discussing, exploring ideas and developing our plan. We have some project and in the end of 2012, we prepared an serious travel company. But, in the middle way, she married and moved to West Kalimantan for Indonesian Forestry Ministry’s staff.  Stepping stone! We build our own business again from zero. A big O- for Orangutan. I decided to resign from my prestige job in a Tropical Forest Research Station. I was dying for building Orangutan Applause. Three years beginning was very hard. Life from hands to mouth. But, there are thousand ways to Rome. Keep the rock rolling. Mouth to mouth recommendation from our guests are very helpful and they are priceless. If you see Orangutan Applause now, it may a thousand people supporting on it. Thanks for our clients who promote our tour services through verbal, social media, blog/website and travel magazine. I am nothing without you. Now, I am enjoying this business with my wife, brother and local people as a team.

Many thanks for Local and International Non Government Organization (NGO) who concern on bird conservation-creative outdoor learning-climate change and city resilience-especially for Orangutan NGO – working a long time in the forest is an incredible experience. They give me a chance to learn and working with local communities, grass root NGO’s, local business and regional government for the better future of the earth.

Here Our Brothers website:

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    • Jorge J. Barrera
    • January 1, 2020

    Hi, good morning.

    Please, can you make me a quote for a 3d/2n trip to Tanjung Puting for 3 people?
    Dates are from monday 27th july to wednesday 29th july 2020.
    We’d like to konow what kind of klokot you have and terms and payment rules.

    Thank you for your time.
    Mr. Barrera

    • Reply

      Dear Jorge,
      Thank you very much for contacting us.
      Hopefully, July is a good time to visit due to the epidemic.
      I will keep you in update and will follow up by email.
      Best regards,

    • ismael balboa
    • July 12, 2019

    Hello, I am interested in hiring a tour in Borneo for 3 days and 2 nights. I would like to know the prices of private and shared klotok and also the itinerary. It would be to start the day July 26. Thank you.

    • Virsie Morris
    • March 8, 2019

    Hello Orangutan Applause,

    My husband and I are planning to book your private 3D2N Orangutan Tour. However, when I tried to make a reservation, it says that the tour requires at least 3 people. Is that true?

    Virsie Morris

    • Dear Virsie,

      Thanks for contacting us.
      We have several tailormade tour, so it can be arrange even for solo traveler.
      Please email us for detail information.

      Best regards,

    • sarah daniels
    • September 27, 2018

    Hello what is the cheapest price for a tour to see the orangutans and national park please in October? I am a solo traveller coming from Thailand

    • Reply

      Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for visiting our site.
      For further info and any options of the tour, please contact Dessy by email or whatsapp.

      Best regards,

    • Susannah
    • June 18, 2018

    Selamat siang and hello,

    I am interested in taking either a 3 or 4 day boat trip around Tanjung Puting National Park. My budget is very small so I would like to join a group tour please. I am looking for the cheapest price possible. I would like to go around the 7th July, but I could also go a day earlier or a day later.
    I hope you have a tour available for me (1 person) and I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Reply

      Hi Suannah
      Thank you for visiting our website
      For detail information about tour availability and customary please contact Dessy by
      borneoprimate@gmail>com Hope there is sharing tour space for you

      Best regards

    • Michael
    • March 26, 2018


    me and my girlfriend will be travelling to Bali in June and are considering a Urang Utang tour in Borneo.
    Most tours do a 2 night/ 3 day visit with a airport transfer from and to Pangkalan Bun airport.
    Could you tell me when people are required to arrive at the airport (early morning or the day before?) and when will they be returned to the airport?
    Also could you give any advice on the transfer to Pangkalan Bun airport from Bali ? Are there direct flights from Denpassar? Or do you need connections? If so could you please advise on the time of that transfer and indication of the price?

    Many thanks for your help !

    • MinYoung Lee
    • November 30, 2017

    sorry, I forget the scheduel.

    I have a few questions. Orangutan 2 days and 3 days tour question.

    1. What is the price of a private tour? Rates are for 2 people.

    2. I am a smoker. Do you smoke when you take a 2-night, 3-day tour?
    I am afraid that if I can smoke, and if I have a group tour, I will excuse my smoking to others.

    2. I would like to know the prices of private tours and group tours, respectively.

    and my schedule is may be February 19~28,

    • MinYoung Lee
    • November 30, 2017

    I have a few questions. Orangutan 2 days and 3 days tour question.

    1. What is the price of a private tour? Rates are for 2 people.

    2. I am a smoker. Do you smoke when you take a 2-night, 3-day tour?
    I am afraid that if I can smoke, and if I have a group tour, I will excuse my smoking to others.

    2. I would like to know the prices of private tours and group tours, respectively.

    • Sergio
    • November 24, 2017


    We are a couple travelling to Pangkalan Bun in january 2018. We expect to reach the town around 9th of January.

    Is it a good season to see the orangutans?.
    Can you do a one day tour?. What would be the price for 2 and the itinerary?.
    Our idea is to arrive on the first day, do the tour on the second day, and fly back on the last day. What do you think?.

    Kind regards,

    • stephanie farac
    • October 18, 2017

    do you do tours in January or February? Also, DO you have your own room in the boat. I was interested in 3 days 2night trip. Thanks. I would be a solo traveler

    • María
    • April 26, 2017

    Can you tellme the price of the tour for one solo female traveller? 1 or 2 nights.


    • Reply

      Hola Maria, enchantada
      Thank you for contact us.
      Would you like to tell us your schedule, please?
      Do you interesting for sharing tour, meet another traveler and also so save your budget?
      We will keep in touch by email

      best regards,

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